Possibly the most asked question at the moment, as more and more UK homeowners turn to their attic when they need extra living space, and the simple answer is no. The building regulations see the loft as part of the original structure, and as the walls and roof are already in place, there is no need to apply for planning permission for a loft conversion in the United Kingdom.

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Limits and Conditions

There are limits and specific conditions regarding a loft conversion, which are as follows:

  • No extension beyond the existing roofline.
  • There must be nothing that exceeds the height of the roof.
  • External materials must be similar to those on the house.
  • Verandas, balconies or raised platforms of any kind.
  • The roof structure must not extend beyond the outer wall.

Fortunately, there are quality builders in Harrogate with a wealth of experience in designing loft conversions, and with their expertise and your ideas, the design will be complete and the work can begin.

Scope of Work

Typically, a loft conversion would consist of the following:

  • Creating a chipboard floor – Nailed directly on top of the joists, a chipboard floor provides a solid platform, and can be covered with either carpet tiles of luxury vinyl.
  • Creating a ceiling – Plywood or a composite sheeting can be affixed to the roof interior, allowing as much headroom as possible. Skylights provide the natural lighting, and you could have a small bay window, as long as the dimensions do not exceed the roofline.

The water tank is cladded, and with a few power sockets and some LED lighting, you are good to go.